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Scholarship and Bank Account related important notices
by web admin - Tuesday, 3 November 2020, 12:46 PM
Please find 2 very important notices related to scholarship and bank account information. To summarize:
    1. You must update your BIIS profile with your Sonali Bank (BUET branch) account information by 30 Nov 2020. Otherwise, scholarships cannot be disbursed and will become lapse.
    2. If you are a regular student, scholarship bill form will be available at your BIIS account after you have provided your bank account information.
Refer to the attached notices for details.

After carefully reading the notices, if you have any further queries about scholarships, they should be directed to the following person:

Md. Shahidullah Bakaul
Assistant Director
Bills & Scholarship Section
Office of the Comptroller
Cell no.: 01935184241