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URGENT NOTICE: Check the Draft Programme of Undergraduate Final Exam
by Mohammad Saifur Rahman - Wednesday, 16 December 2020, 5:12 PM
Assalamu alaikum dear students,
Please urgently take a look at the draft exam program attached. The same is also available  at the following link:

If there are any issue, if any changes are required the relevant CRs must write an application. Note that only shuffling the exams within the exam dates of a level/term (i.e. shift/cycle) may be allowed.  In your application, you need to clearly mention the proposed changes within the above framework.  Also, if you are planning to suggest changes, try to reach out to the "retake" students that are enrolled in that course.

If you are a "retake" or "self study" student in a course and have concern about its exam schedule, you should write an application yourself. But first discuss with the CRs of the Level/Term that the course is for.

You can address the application to Head, CSE and send me the signed scanned copy at You should also describe the changes in the email body as well.

One CR from each Level/Term must do the following
  1. Either confirm that the routine is OK by sending email to
  2. OR send mail to the above email address with suggested changes (both in email body as well as formal signed application as an attachment)
The deadline for this is Dec 17th, 2020. Please consider it urgent.