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Mock Examination for CSE-offered courses
by Mohammad Saifur Rahman - Sunday, 3 January 2021, 1:20 AM

CSE department will arrange a mock examination on January 4th, 2020 as per the following schedule. The students of CSE 109 (offered to EEE) and CSE 283 (offered to BME) should contact their respective course teachers to obtain the schedule and links for their mock exam.

LMS Course Link
1104-Jan-202112:0013:00Md. Toufikuzzaman
1204-Jan-202113:0014:00Preetom Saha Arko
2204-Jan-202111:0012:00Syed Md. Mukit Rashid
3204-Jan-202112:0013:00Md. Tareq Mahmood
4204-Jan-202110:0011:00Shehab Sarar Ahmed

  • The examination room links will be published soon. Please check back the notice.
  • All the students enrolled in CSE-offered courses *must* take part in this mock examination to familiarize themselves with the examination workflow.
  • Before the mock examination, you must read the exam related guideline that has already been posted in your BIIS account. In case you missed it,  the relevant one is attached herewith.
  • Before the mock examination, keep 2 top sheets ready for the 2 sections of the exam.
  • The exam syllabus is the attached guideline document. There will be some simple questions from the guideline document.
  • You will fill up the top sheet (you should complete it beforehand) and 1 page of answer. You should keep ready 13 more pages of written material (e.g. your class notes).You will make a PDF by scanning these sheets. You must make a PDF with exactly 15 pages of writing in total for each section. Read the guideline document, it has a section on how to make the PDF efficiently (there is a tutorial link).
  • Join the examination room link on time so that you can hear useful instructions from your invigilator.
  • We expect to spend the time in the mock examination as follows: 20 minutes of exam, then 20 minutes of upload time. But this may change based on your invigilator's decision and other circumstances. So, join the examination room right on time.
  • If you are enrolled only in a self-study course, then join any one of the above examinations. Otherwise join the course of your respective level and term.
Picture of Mohammad Saifur Rahman
Re: Mock Examination for CSE-offered courses
by Mohammad Saifur Rahman - Sunday, 3 January 2021, 1:38 PM